HOTEL CAESARS - Av. Revolución 1079 Zona Centro. Tijuana, B.C. México

We offer you the best guest experience in Tijuana!


Our city is an important domestic and international destination. When you stay with us, you can stroll the streets of downtown Tijuana, visit historical sites, enjoy the gastronomic diversity and a huge commercial offer.


Visit us and make the most of your days in the most visited border in the world. It is our honor to welcome you and give you the greatest comfort in our service.

We are located a few steps from the border with the United States, on the famous Revolución Avenue near the corner of 5th Street.

Caesar’s Salad

World-famous Caesar`s Salad was born here, in Tijuana, in 1927. Created by Cesar Cardini, by then the chef and owner of Ceasar´s Restaurant; the place where it is still prepared to date. The peculiar mixing of ingredients and an easy preparation are the secret to this popular dish that has been given to the world. It is possible to find different versions of it in menus of countless restaurants all over the world.

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Revolución Avenue

At first it was a dirt road that wouldn`t stand out among the streets of small-town Tía Juana. But Revolución Avenue is now known for being the most remarkable in Tijuana, having national and international fame. It`s relevance is due to the economic importance it has for the city, offering a dynamic commercial front and multiple services for all local, domestic and foreign visitors.

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Visit us and enjoy your stay to the utmost in the most visited border in the world. We offer you the best guest experience in Tijuana!